Z-Suite™ Nominal Profile Temperatures

Please note these are "typical" nominal extrusion temperatures, and they will vary at different points during a print and with fan speed. Generally the system seems to set a higher initial temperature when a print is launched, then it lets it cool to the eventual target temperature during raft printing. The print fan is not energized during raft printing, and if/when it comes on the extruder temperature can dip as much as 10-15 degrees for a minute or so while the PID loop catches up. 

Print Start Part Last Checked Version
Z-ABS 280ºC 276ºC 1.6.1
UltraT 265 260
Z-Glass 260 255
Z-HIPS 260 260 1.3.0
Z-PETG 260 255

Filament loading and unloading temperatures are controlled by firmware. Prior to M200 firmware version 1.0, the load/unload temperature was 260ºC. With firmware 1.0, this has  been reduced to 240ºC. If you're printing with a negative offset temperature, be sure to increase the temperature sufficiently for load and unload operations. If using firmware 1.0, this will generally mean using zero offset for load/unload, especially if you're changing materials.

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