Warranty and Disclaimers

Z-Temp products are warranted to perform as described when used as specified with the M200® printer together with Z-Suite 1.11.x or earlier and M200 firmware 1.1.x or earlier. If you're not happy with the product(s) under these conditions for any reason you can return them for a refund. While we expect them to remain compatible, no warranty is made as to their operation with future versions of Zortrax software, firmware, or hardware.                                                                                                                                                            

Z-Temp assumes no responsibility for damage to any 3D printer, or any consequential damages of any kind  resulting from the use of Z-Temp products. All risks are assumed by the user.

Use of third-party (non-Zortrax) filament or most Z-Temp products will void the warranty of your Zortrax printer.

“Zortrax”, “M200”, “M300”, and “Z-Suite” are copyright and/or trademarks of Zortrax Sp, Olsztyn, Poland

© Z-Temp™ 2016                              "Zortrax", "Z-Suite”, “M200”, "M200 Plus”, and “M300" are trademarks of Zortrax Sp, Olsztyn, Poland