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"I received your parcel already (woohoo!) and have installed into my older M200. Your products are amazing!” ~ B. Smith, Australia, March 2017

“{Z-Temp] works great, installs easily, and improved the quality, accuracy and repeatability of parts that my machine produces. We also use the new filament monitor and the hot end.  Z-Temp makes great stuff." ~ Jim Montgomery, Principal Engineer, Functional Design & Engineering, Inc., San Diego  Calif.

"I got the ZT-HE yesterday and I must say I'm impressed. The parts that I had problems with, now print with utmost ease. I already ordered another two hot-ends from your reseller in Germany.” - Jacek Bacela, Poland

"Thanks to your products, Z-Temp and  ZT-HE, the evaluation of our new product, Glass wool (not fiber) contained PP filament  was successfully done." - Naoto Sakaue, Nanodax Corp., Japan

Products that were completely thought through, are well designed and perform exactly as described. Directions are clear and following them is easy. After much measuring of extruder temps and test printing of materials I could never print before, my conclusion is that every M200 owner needs a ZTC-200 and ZT-HE hot end. Thanks! - Jeff C, Turnersville, NJ, USA

I received the ZT- HE hot end, it is fabulous! I did some print tests, and the result is excellent; finally I can print the PLA and flex without going crazy and throwing away a lot of material.Thanks for the great work. ~ Francesco Bonin, Rome, Italy

"I'm so happy I can use my filastruder again! Filament is so cheap at just about 10 dollar for 2lbs of ABS filament and it prints better than the Zortrax filament for removal using your z-temp module." Antonio A., San Francisco CA

"Thanks for getting me the feature that Zortrax had committed to having in an email to me before I ordered the printer." ~ O.F., USA

"Thanks - I thought I would have to wait for another year or so until Zortrax had made polycarbonate parameter settings" ~ Steven, USA

"With Z-temp and Verbatim PLA I was able to print a Ricoh copier toner bottle chuck; that is a good test for material structural bending and layer adhesion." ~ Jacek Zagaja, Szczecin, Poland

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