"Teethy Tiki" in Colorfabb Bamboofill™

This large, 14cm tall model was printed using the Z-ABS profile, a 0.7mm nozzle, 70º temperature reduction, 390µ layers, fast speed, no fan, and no support. It looks like the feed rate was a bit too slow for 390µ layers in some places; 290µ would probably have been better. Some fan would probably have improved bridging as well. Unfortunate seam placement by the slicer in the front of the model, even though most of the seam is in the back.

Note: This print was made prior to the introduction of the Zortrax V2 hot end, hence the use of a non-standard 07mm nozzle. With the advent of the V2 hot end, larger nozzles are no longer required and the standard 0.4mm nozzle can be used with PLA and Colorfabb.

Teethy Tiki model by Cerberus333, used with permission.

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