Temperature Offset Range: -140 to +60 ºC offset from M200® nominal, in sixteen 10- or 5-degree steps (notes 1,2)

Temperature Offset Accuracy: Typically < ±1ºC, maximum ±2ºC (This is the accuracy of the Z-Temp’s temperature offset settings – it does not include any errors in the M200’s sensor or electronics)

Temperature Voltage Output Port Accuracy: The Z-Temp introduces zero error to this signal, it is the same as read by the M200®'s motherboard electronics.

ColorTemp™ Indicator Transition Temperatures (±2ºC, excluding any errors in the M200’s sensor or electronics)

  • < 190ºC - Blue
  • 190 - 230ºC - Green (PLA)
  • 230 - 240ºC - Yellow (Generic ABS)
  • 240 - 260ºC - Orange (Generic ABS, Nylon)
  • 260 - 280ºC - Red (High-temperature ABS)
  • 280 - 290ºC - Pink
  • 290 - 300ºC - Purple
  • 300+ºC - White

Extruder Control Module Weight: 31g


  1. Z-Temp is shipped set and labeled for a default wide temperature range and 10-degree steps. 5-degree steps are available by selecting a different temperature range and printing a new label.
  2. The Z-Temp™ can introduce an offset corresponding to up to 60º above nominal, however, the maximum achievable temperature in practice may be limited by the M200 firmware, ambient temperature, and other factors. We have achieved 320ºC.

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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