Andre's Fan Duct in Taulman Alloy 910

Zortrax™ forum user Andre created this beautiful adjustable fan duct design, which is perfect for materials experimentation with the Z-Temp since airflow can be adjusted "on-the-fly" during prints as needed.

"Alloy 910" is an exciting new material from Taulman3D. It feels a lot like Nylon (unlike Tritan®, which is PET), but unlike Taulman's other nylons, this one seems to have little or no tendency to warp. Support removal was very easy - rafts almost fell off by themselves, and removal of other support was a breeze. Adhesion to the perfboard was good using glue stick, in contrast to other nylons which are problematic in this respect.

These parts were printed using a 0.5mm nozzle (prior to the introduction of the Zortrax V2 or ZT-HE hot ends), Z-ABS profile, 180µ layers, and a 30º temperature reduction to achieve Taulman's recommended 245º extrusion temperature.

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