RaftAway is a free Java application for processing z-code files. With this easy-to-use utility, you can eliminate the raft for true raft-less printing. In addition, the program allows you to

  • add retraction to reduce “stringing”
  • increase first-layer extrusion for improved print adhesion when printing raftless
  • reduce overall printing speed for printing flexible filament

RaftAway is compatible with both Windows and MacOS; it requires that Java be installed on the host computer.

You can download RaftAway here: http://www.z-temp.co/Downloads/RaftAway.zip

RaftAway’s user interface is very simple: just set the options you want at the top of the window, then drag-and-drop a zcode file onto the window. The output file will be written to the source file’s directory, and its filename will be modifed to indicate the modification(s) performed.

Raftaway 108 Window_400

Our Z-Sense bed height control is the perfect complement to RaftAway. Using Z-Sense, you can bypass the M200’s electrical contact bed sensing scheme and print on glass, PEI, BuildTak, painter’s tape or whatever you like. Here we are printing some parts in PLA on a sheet of window glass coated with hairspray (our favorite build surface). The glass can be simply clipped on top of the perfboard with binder clips, or the perfboard can be removed and the build surface clipped directly to the aluminum bed plate for optimal heat conduction.

and here is a comparison showing how additional retraction can eliminate stringing:

with and without 600

NOTE: One of the things that makes the M200 so easy to use is its perforated build plate and raft system. This makes bed leveling much less critical and print adhesion much easier to achieve than otherwise. Printing without rafts is an advanced technique, requiring extra attention to detail and more trial and error. We suggest that users become familiar with printing with rafts and 3D printing in general before attempting to print without rafts on the M200.

NOTE: Z-Temp is not the author or owner of RaftAway, we offer it for download only as a service to users. No warranties of any kind are made regarding the software.

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