ZTC-200 Temperature Control

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Take full advantage of the power and versatility of your Zortrax 3-D printer and print the materials you want to print, including PLA, PLA+PHA, flexible filaments, wax filament, high temperature materials like Ultem, and more.

Z-Temp™ ZTC-200 kit features:

  • Extrusion temperature is adjustable "on-the-fly" during printing.
  • No need to re-slice just to change extrusion temperature. Some PLA prints best at 200º, for example, while another might print better at 210º. Z-Temp eliminates the need to create a new z-code file for every variation.
  • Extrusion temperature adjustable  from 110º to 355ºC. Higher temperatures are possible with a minor modification.
  • Temperature monitor output - connect to Z-LCD or a voltmeter to read actual hot-end temperature in real time.
  • Exclusive ColorTemp™ display shows real-time approximate extruder temperature at a glance, even from across the room!
  • Compatible with M200®, M200 Plus®, and M300®
  • Achieve strength, freedom from warpage, flexibility, material and color selection unattainable with Zortrax materials.
  • Reduce your exposure to potentially harmful ABS and HIPS emissions by using PLA.
  • Includes Bed heat control
  • Plug 'n Play - installs in minutes with no permanent modifications to the printer
  • Heater activity monitor shows you what the printer's PID loop is doing at all times.
  • Highly accurate, precision electronics: typical error < ±1ºC, maximum ±2ºC.

The Z-Temp™ is made in the USA and is FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant.

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