Selectable Temperature Ranges

As of 2016, Z-Temp includes two "DIP switches" on the underside of its PCB, allowing you to select from among several different temperature ranges.

DIP switches
  • The default range of -90 to +60º of offset gives a wide range in easily-remembered 10-degree steps and is identical to that of the 2015 Z-Temp.
  • Fine Resolution offers 5-degree steps between -80 and -10º of offset (195-265º when using Z-ABS profile) for increased control when printing with PLA and lignin-based materials, plus a 0 offset position. The Fine range does not include any settings for increased extruder temperature (positive offset).
  • The Mixed range offers 5-degree steps from -85 to -35º of offset (190-240º actual with Z-ABS profile), and coarser steps from 250-325º.
  • Finally, there's a "low-temperature" range for use with special materials such as wax, going down to -140º of offset while still offering higher temps for more common materials.

If you, like us, always slice with Z-Suite's Z-ABS profile (nominal temerature 275ºC), you may want to replace your Z-Temp's standard nameplate showing temperature offset with one showing actual temperature, so you don't have to do mental arithmetic to arrive at actual temperature. Printable PDF templates for relative and absolute nameplates for each of the available ranges are available for download by clicking the links below. Simply print and cut out the appropriate label from the templates linked to here, pull off the control knob, peel off the standard label, glue the new label to your Z-Temp, and replace the control knob. They look great printed on inkjet or laser transparency sheets available at most stationery stores (flip the artwork first so that the printed side ends up facing the Z-Temp) but it's fine to just print on paper, too.

Remember that the absolute scales only apply if you slice using the Z-ABS profile, and assume that the nominal profile temperature is 275ºC (which it has been in every version of Z-Suite from early days through 1.7.

Wide Range

Wide Range Absolute Temperature Label Artwork

Wide Range Relative Temperature Label Artwork

Fine Resolution

Fine Resolution Absolute Temperature Label Artwork

Fine Resolution Relative Temperature Label Artwork


Mixed Range Absolute Temperature Label Artwork

Mixed Range Relative Temperature Label Artwork


Low Range Absolute Temperature Label Artwork

Low Range Relative Temperature Label Artwork

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