Four-Position Bed Heat Control

The ZTBH-02 bed heat control switch is included with the Z-Temp kit.

4-position bed switch 1200x600

The bed heater switch has four positions, which will yield these approximate temperatures when using the Z-ABS profile in Z-Suite (other profiles may result in different temperatures):

0 – 30-35ºC

1 – 40-45º

2 – 50-55º

3 – Switch has no effect, full temperature (approximately 65º when using the Z-ABS profile)


We like to use Position 0 or 1 with PLA for easiest raft removal. While other printers may require bed heat to promote adhesion, the M200's perfboard and raft generally elminate this need, especially if some glue stick is applied to the bed before printing. When printing without raft on glass or other surface using RaftAway and Z-Sense, we recommend Position 2 or 3.

Bed heater operation can be monitored via the blue LED under the M200’s print bed.

Notes on some obsolete firmware versions:

If using firmware 1.0.0 - 1.0.2, the procedure below should be followed when using switch position 0 in order not to generate "Bed Too Hot" errors.

1.     Set the switch to Position 0 before launching the print.

2.     On launching the print, platform heating will be passed immediately, saving time, and the M200 display will show “Heating Extruder”.

3.     While the extruder is heating, change the bed switch to Position 1.

4.     After bed height sensing is finished, set the bed heat switch back to Position 0. Bed heating will stop soon thereafter and stay off during the print.

If for some reason you’re using M200 firmware v0.0.5 or earlier, please note that this firmware polls the temperature sensor once at the start of a print, and infrequently or not at all thereafter. If you’re using this ancient firmware, it is necessary to set the bed heater switch to the desired position before launching a print. Changes to the switch position once a print operation has been launched may have no effect or may even prevent a print from ever starting. It may also be necessary to switch the printer off and back on again in order to cancel bed heating once it’s begun.

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