M300 Compatibility

Based on testing by our resellers (not us, as we don’t have access to an M300 at present):

  • The Z-Temp extrusion temperature control is fully compatible with the M300.
  • The bed heat control is compatible with the M300, but requires a small adapter cable (or simply the swapping of any two connector pins) in order to work. Read more about it here. If you specify M300 compatibility in the order options on our web store, an adapter cable will be included. NOTE: The Z-Temp Bed Heat Control can only decrease the bed temperature, not increase it. Since the M300 bed temperature does not currently exceed 60ºC for any Z-Suite profiles, this may present difficulties in printing materials that require high bed temperature.
  • The ZT-HE hot end is fully compatible with the M300.
  • Z-Mon is fully compatible with the M300.
  • Z-Sense is not currently compatible with the M300 due to mechanical mismatches.
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