Flexible Material - Taulman PCTPE

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Many Zortrax® users have expressed a desire to print with flexible or "rubber-like" materials, but the design of the M200's feed mechanism is not suitable for those currently on the market, such as NinjaFlex™, FilaFlex™, etc. There is a flexible material, however, that does print very well on the M200: Taulman PCTPE nylon-elastomeric copolymer. PCTPE combines the strength of nylon with the flexibility of a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). It's not really "rubber-like", but it can be quite flexible and offers a number of advantages over rubber in many applications. The flexibility of the material depends on the thickness of the printed part, so that you can have both relatively rigid and flexible structures in one part. It's great for living hinges, latching tabs, etc.

We recommend printing PCTPE at 235ºC (ABS profile - 40º), no bed heat, and no fan.

Here's a video of a snap-in part with a living hinge and latching tab being printed on the M200:


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