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I'm really liking the new ZT-HE hot end, but I would prefer to use the standard Zortrax materials along with the Z-Suite predefined profiles for them such as profile for high quality Z-hips and Z-Glass. It's the temp that I need to turn down though. The ZT-HE does run hotter than the Zortrax V2 hot end and tends to create the associated problems or running too hot, strings and support fusing with model. So I'm wondering if I switch to my profile to "external filament" even though I'm using Z-Glass for example and start tweaking with the settings, I'd prefer not to get crazy with the settings though, I'd just like to know what the default profile temperature of those materials is so that the only setting that I have to tweak is the temperature because they yield very fantastic results, just need to bring the temperature down. Hard to know what those settings are when they're locked in a profile though.

Screenshots of Defaults attached to better explain.

I'm still learning, my strengths are in design and teaching myself 3d printing as I go here. Wondering if the default settings when you switch to a "zortrax like" material in external filament mode gives you the default profiles to start with? Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.


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Hi Michael,

I have not experimented much with the settings now offered in the most recent Z-Suite. Frankly, I just always use the Z-ABS profile for everything and adjust temperature with Z-Temp, in order to minimize variables. Z-ABS defaults to 276º, although a print can start anywhere from there up to 290º, depending on overshoot. It's always back pretty close to that before the raft is done, though. If you have a Z-Temp and Z-LCD, of course, you can see the actual temperature at any time.

There is a chart of nominal temperatures at

but it doesn't have the more recent additions to the Z-materials line.

When printing flexible material like TPU, I use RaftAway to slow the extrusion speed down by 50% and of course to remove the raft.

I don't think ZT-HE runs "hotter" than the stock hot end; the temperature is controlled by the feedback loop between the thermocouple and the heater, via the printer's firmware. The firmware doesn't know what kind of hot end is installed, and the aluminum blocks are quite similar between the two hot ends, so I think there's no reason for it to run "hotter", although its more free-flowing nature may make it seem that way.
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Thanks for your feedback.....You are right, I stated that incorrectly. I was under the assumption that the temp drops easier on the V2 hot end being aluminum and brass nozzle, and maybe the issue is simply in the nozzle staying hotter than the V2? Not really sure how all that works or how the different metal nozzles respond to temp loss...maybe I'm sounding really silly here from inexperience, the one factor that is boggling me is that stringing occurs quite bad at the default settings on z-glass with ZT-HE but with the V2 it's a non issue, so my next step is to change retraction to test.....Not sure how much I should tweak that setting, I figured if I dropped the temp it might fix things. One other thing that makes me suspicious of higher temp is that when it starts a print (getting ready bed lifting) the ZT-HE will ooze out the Z-Glass pretty good, which I have to wipe away before it does it's initial metal contact test before commencing the print . The Zortrax V2 HE doesn't ooze like that beforehand.....Hmmm need to think more about this.

Thanks again.